Escursionismo a 360°: monte castablo (e-ee)

Posta un commento. Partiamo dal santuario di Santa Maria Val dell'Abisso e oltrepassiamo l'arco naturale della Balza Forata e il rifugio Corsini raggiungendo la cima del monte Nerone purtroppo sormontata da vistosi ripetitori appennino marchigianopoi scendiamo la dorsale nord est che ci innesta sulla stradina asfaltata sottostante, alcuni tornanti in seguito li "tagliamo" fuori sentiero e torniamo passando per la Grotta di Nerone. DATA : 21 settembre Tracce GPS. Bivio q.

Metaphone and levenshtein distance java

Simple information searches -- name lookups, word searches, etc. However, given both the diversity of homophonic pronounced the same words and names, as well as the propensity for humans to misspell surnames, this simplistic criterion often yields less than desirable results, in the form of reduced result sets, missing records that differ by a misplaced letter or different national spelling. This article series discusses Lawrence Phillips' Double Metaphone phonetic matching algorithm, and provides several useful implementations which can be employed in a variety of solutions to create more useful, effective searches of proper names in databases and other collections. NET, and any other.

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